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Selwyn Shares

Selwyn Shares

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Quick Help - Shares History

The graphic shows the history of this share. You can select the time over which the graphs are shown using the tabbed options at the top, this time scale is used for both graphs on the left. All the graphs are shown using a log scale on the vertical axes, the two graphs at the top share the same vertical axis.

The main graph at the top left shows the best price for people who are offering to sell (in red) and offering to buy (in green) the share. The graph to the right shows a histogram of the current offers, with the width of the bar (the x-axis) indicating the number of shares offered at this price and the y-axis again being the price offered. Offers to sell are again shown in red, offers to buy are shown in green.

The bottom graph shows the total volume of offers (as number of futures offered) over time as a thick black line. When offers are matched a thick blue vertical line indicates the number of shares exchanged at this time.

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