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Master of Muppetry

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2005-06-23 16:55:02

Quick Help - User History

The graphic shows the history of this user. You can select the time over which the graphs are shown using the tabbed options at the top, this time scale is used for all three graphs. All three graphs are shown with linear vertical axes, and are colour coded with the entries on the table.

The top graph shows total money, broken down into assets in purple and money banked in black.

The middle graph shows the break-down of assets. Each different area is shown as a proportion of total assets, colour coded with cash at the top in purple, then outcome bet deposits in green, spread bet deposits in red, nominal share value in yellow, deposits on offers to buy shares in blue, and deposits on futures in white.

The bottom graph shows total outcome gain, outcome liability, spread gain, and spread liability as a multiple of total assets. A number below 1 indicates that these values are less than total assets - if above 1 then they are greater than current total assets. These lines are colour coded, with outcome gain in green, outcome liability in red, spread gain in black and spread liability in blue.

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