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Bumpsdaq Credits

Bumpsdaq 2005 is a minor tinkering with the version of the game from last year. Partly since I have less time this year, but also since I was very pleased with how the game went, and see no need to rewrite it again this year.

Bumpsdaq 2004 was designed and written from scratch by Tim Granger with a mixture of php, mysql, gd, and other various tools.

Work started in December 2003, mainly working out the basics of the different elements to the game, getting funding for the game, and designing the layout and core schema for the internal structure.

The first quarter of the game was completed just after New Year 2004, with the second quarter finishes over January. March saw the code which deals with event results being finalised, together with the last two main areas of the game. April saw much work on tidying things up, together with the user history code, and adding Oxford colleges.

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